Getsen Toxicology - Drug and Alcohol Testing (substance abuse)

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Toxicology Services Drugs of abuse testing and DOT regulated blood alcohol testing are testing regimen we are experienced with and operate on a higher level than our competition. That's because we have not only the highly trained and skilled technicians that perform testing professionally and quickly, but unlike our competitors we have a fully functional drug analysis lab system and don't stop at just a "dip test" like most rudimentary collection sites. We have the required GC/MS confirmation capability and know how to use it. We have an inhouse chain-of-custody if needed and we have partnerships with large NLCP approved DOT test facilities in addition to our in house ability.


Custom Analysis We can do complete unknown analysis upon request and have worked with law enforcement to determine substance composition and efficacy in environmental, civil and criminal cases. The limit of our detection capability is restricted only by the variables of design.


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