Getsen Chemistry - Unknown Determinations and Analytical Analysis

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Chemistry Services GC/MS Chemical analysis of unknown substances is one of the most precise means of determining the composition of compound mixtures which contain volatile and semi-volatile organics. Our lab is not only a power user of this technique, but we have 10 years of expertise in this type of analysis. Spectrophotometry and Atomic Absorption are 'old school' methods but still among the most well recognized for true results


Drugs and Environmental Analysis Chemistry of water/waste-water is the most common environmental concern for citizen customers. In additiona the drugs of abuse that are used in our toxicology section are analyzed through a combination of the variety of methods listed under the services to the left. However, our years of expertise have allowed for us to define proper in-house methodolgies for metabolite and derivative analysis as well. Most laboratories look to outsiders for expertise in these areas. They look to us!


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